Thursday, June 28, 2012

I am still learning things as I go

Hey Y'all.
     So, Im still learning new things as I 'run along' :) thru my weight loss journey.

     Yesterday, and this has happened maybe 2 other times, I worked out really hard, got really sweaty, and came home to meet my husband for dinner. I sat down and called my mom in NH while my hubs was in the shower and about half way thru our conversation I started to feel really nauseous and really shaky. We got off the phone, I got in the shower and felt SO weak. So I got out and literally had to sit down.
     So what was the problem? I hadnt had enough to eat. I can tell you that this is something I constantly have to remind myself to do. Its crazy because 3 months ago you did not have to remind me to eat!! But since eating healthy foods and all that I dont feel hungry as often. So even though my body may need something I often dont pay attention and just kind of forget it. This is what I will be working on now. Remembering to fuel my body. Even if its a piece of fruit or some nuts.

     Basically I just want to stress the importance of making sure you eat when your trying to lose weight. I know, I need to take my own advice and like I said I will be more aware of that. I am going to focus on eating breakfast, having a snack, having lunch, having a snack, and then dinner. I try really hard not to eat anything after dinnertime, because most of the time I eat dinner pretty late as it is. Also make sure you hydrate. :)

Just wanted to fill you guys in on that, and let you all know that I am still learning things as well.


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