Monday, July 9, 2012

My love hate relationship with this blog.

So, its back. I dont know how long..I delete it then I want it back. Sooo, lets try this again.

I guess I'll just shoot to write like 2 times a week, if more awesome. I'll post on my page when there is a new entry.

Hope yall have been well since my last post! I'll back up to last week, I had some not so great workouts last week but I kept on going, and didnt have a loss at all last friday. I did stay the same, which is good. But I know that I didnt give it my all. So I came into this week ready to kick some butt and get stuff done. I decided that maybe because I was about 8 weeks into this I should try to switch up my workout. So my workouts will look like this--

Sunday- 1 hour cardio
Monday- Bi's/Tri's
Tuesday- 1 hour cardio
Thursday- 1 hour cardio
Friday- Off day
Saturday-Chest/back & 30 min cardio

So we will see how it goes. Cardio was a-friggin-mazing yesterday. Did some straight running and then switched it up to sprints on an incline for the rest of the time. I was a sweaty sweaty girl. Looking forward to Bi's and Tri's today.
I also will be working on my clean eating this week. I am not going to lie to anyone I didnt eat so clean last week which could also be why I had no loss. So, its back to eating clean.

I have had a couple people come to me and tell me Im really inspiring them, and I cant tell you how much that humbles me. I know I still have a ways to go, but I have learned so much about myself in the last 2 months and my body has done things I never thought were possible. I wrote briefly on my fb page yesterday that I havent gotten emotional this far, but I did get a little teary yesterday when I was running my sprints on an incline. I never thought in my entire life that I'd enjoy running, let alone call myself a runner. Ive told you guys this before, its not about you being a size 2 or a size 20..when your FIT its a big difference. I have never worked out and afterwards said, well that was the worst decision I ever made.
Working out & eating healthy makes your body so different. I had stress headaches ALL the time before I started to make working out and eating clean a priority. Now, I rarely get them. I do still get migraines every once and awhile, I'll never grow out of them, but I can tell you I feel SO much better.

Do something healthy today, you have no excuse. <3


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  1. just found (through sweat pink)and love your blog, hope you keep it around! :D