Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday

Hey y'all!
     I hope it was a good weekend for you guys! I had a TERRIBLE day yesterday but I am hoping that today will be much better. :)

     Last Friday I weighed in and in fact had lost alittle over a pound. I was so proud because I had had no loss or gain the week prior. I was not such a good girl with my eating this weekend but I stepped on the scale this morning and I did stay the same as I was Friday. Its all about moderation people, I ate what I wanted, but I didnt eat until I was going to explode. I ate until I was content. I did start out the morning on a healthy note today so that is good, I had an egg white on a bagel thin and some raspberries and blueberries.

     On Wednesday I am starting crossfit. I expect fully to have my booty handed to me but Im ready to give it a try. I think its a change in exercise that my body needs. Its super important to switch it up after several weeks of the same exercise. I am headed into week 11 and I have been pretty much been doing the same routine the entire time. So its time to switch it up. Im expecting a loss this week beause of that. Crossfit is an absolutely a-freakin-mazing exercise program and I personally know a couple ladies that do it at our previous duty station. They have been taking pictures throughout and I am just so amazed by results. They say that Crossfit will change your life. So I am SO excited. They actually just had the Crossfit games on espn3 this weekend but I didnt get the channel. :(

     Anyways I have said this before but I have had some people come to me telling me that I have been inspiring to them..I just want to say y'all rock my socks off and Im so glad that Im able to help you and inspire you. I will say it over and over, feeling and being healthy is the most rewarding, amazing, feeling in the world. I have never in my life finished a workout and said, well that was terrible Im so mad that I just did that. Go out and walk, run, jog, whatever you can do. Get a mile in..a mile is a mile whether its an 8 minute mile or an 18 minute mile. :)


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dear 15 year-old self

So I saw this post on a couple other peoples blogs and I thought it'd be a really fun idea. I encourage you all to do one as well.

Dear 15 year old self,
        Alot is going to happen in the next 8 years. But you will never regret any of it. Your going to learn from your experiences, and allow them to help you grow. Life is so unexpected and you can never be ready for what is thrown at you.
        Go to college right after high school. It sounds like a terrible idea right now but its even harder when your 23, married and trying to support yourself. Chase your passion of nursing.

        When mom says its important to save money. DO IT.

        Your going to graduate high school and barely ever speak to people you grew up with. It happens, its life. The important ones are going to be the ones who stay in your life no matter where you are. Even after high school, friends are going to come and go. Again, its the ones who stay that matter most. Dont take this personally.

        In a few years your going to meet someone who is going to change your life forever. When you meet him, you wont know this is the person your going to spend your life with until about a year and a half later.

        You will become an Army wife. Hold on tight. This will become one of the biggest challenges of your life. Yet it will also be very rewarding. You will be blessed with a strong relationship between yourself and your husband. He will deploy, more than once. But you'll be okay. It may not feel like it at the time but you will. God picked you to be a military spouse for a reason. Honor that.

        You will also become a step mother once you marry your husband. This will take awhile to adjust to, but you'll come to terms and love her like your own. You'll have your time to have babies with your man. Just be patient.

        After your first deployment you'll find yourself very unhealthy. You will realize this after a bit of time and you'll change yourself. This part of your life is important because you realize you want to help others get healthy and live healthy. And you'll be very proud.

        Most of all, just love yourself. Your going to have many times where you dont love yourself. But save yourself the time and just love yourself unconditionally. You were given this life, feel blessed and own it. :)

        Oh--and that gigantic tattoo on your side that your going to get in about 3 could do without it.

Your 23 year old self.

Monday, July 9, 2012

My love hate relationship with this blog.

So, its back. I dont know how long..I delete it then I want it back. Sooo, lets try this again.

I guess I'll just shoot to write like 2 times a week, if more awesome. I'll post on my page when there is a new entry.

Hope yall have been well since my last post! I'll back up to last week, I had some not so great workouts last week but I kept on going, and didnt have a loss at all last friday. I did stay the same, which is good. But I know that I didnt give it my all. So I came into this week ready to kick some butt and get stuff done. I decided that maybe because I was about 8 weeks into this I should try to switch up my workout. So my workouts will look like this--

Sunday- 1 hour cardio
Monday- Bi's/Tri's
Tuesday- 1 hour cardio
Thursday- 1 hour cardio
Friday- Off day
Saturday-Chest/back & 30 min cardio

So we will see how it goes. Cardio was a-friggin-mazing yesterday. Did some straight running and then switched it up to sprints on an incline for the rest of the time. I was a sweaty sweaty girl. Looking forward to Bi's and Tri's today.
I also will be working on my clean eating this week. I am not going to lie to anyone I didnt eat so clean last week which could also be why I had no loss. So, its back to eating clean.

I have had a couple people come to me and tell me Im really inspiring them, and I cant tell you how much that humbles me. I know I still have a ways to go, but I have learned so much about myself in the last 2 months and my body has done things I never thought were possible. I wrote briefly on my fb page yesterday that I havent gotten emotional this far, but I did get a little teary yesterday when I was running my sprints on an incline. I never thought in my entire life that I'd enjoy running, let alone call myself a runner. Ive told you guys this before, its not about you being a size 2 or a size 20..when your FIT its a big difference. I have never worked out and afterwards said, well that was the worst decision I ever made.
Working out & eating healthy makes your body so different. I had stress headaches ALL the time before I started to make working out and eating clean a priority. Now, I rarely get them. I do still get migraines every once and awhile, I'll never grow out of them, but I can tell you I feel SO much better.

Do something healthy today, you have no excuse. <3


Thursday, June 28, 2012

I am still learning things as I go

Hey Y'all.
     So, Im still learning new things as I 'run along' :) thru my weight loss journey.

     Yesterday, and this has happened maybe 2 other times, I worked out really hard, got really sweaty, and came home to meet my husband for dinner. I sat down and called my mom in NH while my hubs was in the shower and about half way thru our conversation I started to feel really nauseous and really shaky. We got off the phone, I got in the shower and felt SO weak. So I got out and literally had to sit down.
     So what was the problem? I hadnt had enough to eat. I can tell you that this is something I constantly have to remind myself to do. Its crazy because 3 months ago you did not have to remind me to eat!! But since eating healthy foods and all that I dont feel hungry as often. So even though my body may need something I often dont pay attention and just kind of forget it. This is what I will be working on now. Remembering to fuel my body. Even if its a piece of fruit or some nuts.

     Basically I just want to stress the importance of making sure you eat when your trying to lose weight. I know, I need to take my own advice and like I said I will be more aware of that. I am going to focus on eating breakfast, having a snack, having lunch, having a snack, and then dinner. I try really hard not to eat anything after dinnertime, because most of the time I eat dinner pretty late as it is. Also make sure you hydrate. :)

Just wanted to fill you guys in on that, and let you all know that I am still learning things as well.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Never lift weights lighter than your purse. ;)

Hey guys!
     I just want to first of all say thank you to those who started following my blog and who helped share my page. Its amazing to know people are reading it. My goal with this blog and also with the Sweat Pink movement is to inspire and educate you all to live healthy lives. Its important for you to be healthy whether you are a size 0 or size 20. I will be the first to tell you that 3 months ago I was NOT a healthy person. But since finding what it feels like to be healthy and active I wouldn't change it for the world.
     I wanted to kind of touch on weight lifting a little bit tonight. This is something that alot of women dont do, but absolutely should. Women feel that weight lifting is a men only thing. Your so wrong. Lifting helps you in a number of ways.
     If you are trying to lose weight its important to lift. Why? Well, because if you lose weight your pretty likely to have loose skin. Weight lifting will help firm up that skin and make you look toned.
     Weight lifting is also going to help boost your metabolism. It is proven that if you lift weights your metabolism is going to be raised long after you complete your workout. This is because your body is going to be in need of oxygen, and hence inscreases your metabolic rate. Your body will be in a fat buring zone longer.
     Even if your a smaller person naturally, you should also lift. You can ALWAYS tone your body up. You may have a small frame but do you have abs? How about toned biceps or legs. Lifting weights will do that for you.
     I recommend lifting 3-4 times a week. I can say that I have to remind myself to lift alot of the time because its so easy to get caught up in cardio. I LOVE cardio (I never thought I'd say that in my entire life) and my focus is on that alot of the time, but I really really enjoy lifting as well. Lift with your husband or boyfriend..its fun and you have someone to push you and make you work hard. And never ever lift weights lighter than your purse ladies. :)

     I am very excited to kill it in the gym tomorrow, I had my 'off' day Monday because I did a killer leg workout Sunday, so I was really really sore. Squats are amazing, but man I am sore. Im bad about remembering to stretch so I pay for it later.

     I think that tomorrow or thursday I will be writing about easy exercises you can do around the house, and also some you can do involving your kids. I dont have any kids yet but I found these and think their so cool. :) So in the mean time, do something some crunches or pushups in between commercials tonight..

And did y'all switch out a drink with water yesterday??? Do it again tomorrow..but switch out 2 drinks with water this time. :)


Monday, June 25, 2012

Here we go!!

Alright Y'all!!
     I hope this turns into something good. Im going to start this blog and write a few times a week, covering things from workouts, to recipes, to healthy living. 6 weeks ago I started my weight loss/fit journey. I will get into that in a few.
     I recently found a FB site called Fit Approach. I encourage you all to 'like' them on Facebook.
They are a fairly new organization based out of Cali, who are trying to get the word out about healthy living. I have been accepted by them to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador their Sweat Pink program. Basically, my job is to motivate, educate and live the Sweat Pink lifestyle. I will be receiving some Sweat Pink gear in the mail soon which will include some Sweat Pink shoe laces. They believe that if you look and feel cute during a workout you may be more motivated. So I may do some sort of give away on my FB page once I get them. So you'll hear me say Im going to Sweat Pink, or use that term alot..thats what its all about. :) And what girl wouldnt wanna sweat pink? Those who know me know I enjoy some pink in my life.
     Okay so now onto my journey so far. 6 weeks ago I decided to change my life and I can tell you I havent regretted a minute of it. Nothing in particular happened to me to want to do this..Ive tried many many times to start to work out and get healthy but I never stuck with it. 6 weeks ago I just deicded it was time. YOU have to be ready to change. No one else can change you. I am not ready to share my starting weight yet, its really hard to put yourself out there like that. With dropping weight so quickly and living healthy you gain your confidence back, but Im not THAT confident yet. I will though, I promise.
      Thus far, I have lost 15.5 pounds. The weight has come off pretty quickly and it will at first. I havent hit my plateau yet and dont expect to for awhile. My workout schedule basically looks like 6 days of cardio, typically about an hour. I started the Couch to 5K running program but having not run alot before this I had a little bit of an ankle injury week 5, so I spent last week kicking butt on the EFX elliptical trainer. I plan on giving it another week or so and then starting to run again. I lift weights about 4 times a week. I cannot stress enough how important lifting weights are. I plan on posting about that in a seperate post this week at some point. Lifting some sort of weight a few times a week on top of cardio is very very important. Even if its for 30 minutes after cardio. I like to get my cardio done first because it takes alot of my energy. I do take a preworkout supplement..thats a topic for another day as well. Just giving y'all an overview.
     So, I hope y'all will follow me, that I can inspire you, and I can impact you in some way. AND I will be posting about little workouts you can do during the day, or at home at night..for those who say their too busy. Also this blog wont just be about exercise, it will be about putting healthy things into your body as well. I will leave you with a challenge, take 1 soda, juice, energy drink, whatever it may be, and supplement it with a bottle of water. Just 1, you can do it. :)

     I'll be posting again tomorrow night.

                                               - K